Board & Train In Portland, OR

When learning new habits and behaviors, dogs need consistency. Our board & train program is a dog boot camp designed for dogs ages 6-months and up that allows us to give your dog the structure and constant training they need to be successful.

We find that one of the biggest problems with trying to do everything yourself at home, is dogs do not get the exposure they need to be fully balanced. With our board & train program, your dog will benefit from training in private & group settings as well as off-location in realistic environments. Our goal is to develop a dog who is obedient, confident, and can perform the instilled training with anyone, anywhere.

At the end of the board & train program, your dog will be better equipped to adapt and socialize with new dogs, people and environments. Owners will also see improvements on specific issues and overall obedience. Before your dog goes home, you will receive a private training session to ensure you as the owner leave with the proper tools & techniques to set your dog up for success.

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Aly CroneyPortland, OR

Bernard helped train Gus and US! He equipped us to handle stressful situations with a nervous pup, a feat other trainers weren’t able to accomplish.

Aly Croney
Justin GallagherSeattle, WA

Bernard has been a fantastic trainer. We hadn’t had much success with other training or working on our own. With Bernard, we saw results almost right away. Our dog loves him!

Lanette FidrychPortland, OR

Bernard has a deep understanding of dogs and dog behavior. He is an excellent coach and has been invaluable in helping us rehabilitate our rescue dog and her puppies.

Lanette Fidrych