Bernard Kim is a professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist. Bernard specializes in dog training based on canine behavior and has successfully taken on some of the hardest behavior modification training cases in Portland and Seattle. His natural ability to understand and connect with dogs enables him to break through challenging problems such as anxiety, reactivity and disobedience.

Before working with dogs full-time, Bernard spent his working days as a management and automation consultant, working with major mutual fund firms in the US and Europe. He has over a decade of professional experience in leadership and technology–from a Fortune 25 company to several startup ventures, as well as a Major League Baseball team.

Bernard holds a Bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University, and is the founder of Bark Metrics, a Portland-based startup that encourages healthy and active lifestyles for dogs and dog owners. Prior to establishing his own dog training company, Bernard was the head trainer at Rose City Dog Training in Portland, and Super Sonic Dog Training in Seattle.

Whether your dog is dealing with fear, anxiety or aggression issues, Bernard can work with you to create a customized training plan that meets your dog’s specific needs.

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